Life versus death

I started a new job in Woking this week, a contract job, and moved to local accommodation to skip the whole train/bus commute thing to have a zero-carbon trek to work and back. So, my first Saturday off came as quite a treat. I managed to sleep a whole 20 minutes later before waking up.

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What is sacred?

As I was scrolling through my Instagram feed this morning, I came across a post by someone who I have only been following for a short while. In the post, she describes the contents of her pantry, and it is accompanied by a photo of jars and jars of supplies. She also provides a great exposition of how pantries, as in the days of yore, were the culmination of a sacred process – which has sadly over the decades been replaced by trips to the supermarket. You can read the post here (and you should, it’s really lovely).

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Lockdown diaries 10: Fast fashion 101

Earlier this week, I noticed an article that someone posted on LinkedIn about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on parts of the clothing (and fashion) industry. Since we all wear clothes, I thought I’d write about the clothing industry, but specifically the fashion industry and its environmental impact. And then see what we can do about it. Only a few talented of us make our own clothes – the rest of us buy our clothing in shops. Whichever way we do acquire our clothes though, our collective individual choices have a huge, global impact. Continue reading “Lockdown diaries 10: Fast fashion 101”

Lockdown diaries 8: Thoughts on beauty

I had planned a post on toilet paper (you’ll just have to deal with the disappointment, ha ha), but this morning I overheard someone on the radio lamenting that their grey hair roots were starting to show through their pre-lockdown dye job in the most visible way due to hairdressing services not being allowed during the lockdown. Earlier in the week, there was a professional stylist on the show giving tips on how to look like you’ve lost up to 3kg of the lockdown lard layer you may have acquired, simply using a few styling tricks. Continue reading “Lockdown diaries 8: Thoughts on beauty”

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