The Universe and its things

I haven’t written in almost three months. I had this idea that I would knuckle down and get my thesis all written up and done ready for submission at the end of October. The only things that went into submission though were my plans and soon after that my pride. Ah well. In hindsight, this was not the catastrophe I imagined it would be.

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Home-made, plastic-free toothpaste

The year has definitely run away from me – here we are. Mid June! Nonethless, I am enjoying my northern explorations and it’s a relief to know that I am in the last stretch (well, let’s just play along shall we?) of the studies. It’s going to be hectic, as we say in South Africa, so this might be my last post for a while. So, I leave you with an easy and practical project… home-made, plastic-free toothpaste!

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The art of recontextualisation

Some of the reading I’ve been doing for the Masters is around context, simply because context determines culture to a very large degree, and part of the thesis is about indigenous and local knowledge systems and the proposed decolonisation of the prevailing global knowledge systems. And, furthermore, the concepts (words, ideas, etc.) we use determine our context – or at least our perception thereof! This is probably why language forms such a large part of culture.

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Leaving footprints

The first time I came to England, in 1997, I was introduced to the relative joys of public transport. I was on a Working Holiday visa, and like the rest of the Southern Hemisphere Commonwealth youngsters in London at the time, I made full use of the system. A car was certainly not on the agenda. Neither did it come into play when I moved to England in 2006 and stayed for four years – of which a year was out in Kent and with a bicycle (which I had bought from a retired chimney sweep in East Sheen for £30 before I moved from Kew).

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A wrinkle of my feet

After a very long break from running because of a ‘tiny’ but persistent injury, achieved just over two and a half years ago, I decided in November last year to start running again. For the first two weeks it went really well, I obviously took it really slowly and managed to get some running bits in in between the walking, but not kill myself in the process. And I loved being out again, and the way it made me feel afterwards. Joy!

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